Baldwin Varsity Swimming

2017-2018 Policies

Board Approved Payment Policy for the 2017-2018 Swiming Season

  • Payments will be received up front before any equipment, novelties, or gear is purchased by the Boosters.
  • The preferred payment method is via check payable to Baldwin Varsity Swim Boosters.
  • The annual fee of $125.00 per swimmer is due by December 1, 2017.
  • Coaches will not accept payments.
  • Checks sent to: Kathy Weber, 39 Hennig Drive, Pgh, PA 15236

 Outside Coaching/Training for swimmers and divers

  • It is typical for divers/swimmers to have off-site training, if you plan on or are currently training off-site before or duirng the season, please provide Coach Ryan with the name and contact information for your off-site coaches.
  • Please note: off-site coaching is at the expense of the swimmer/diver.


What does my booster fee cover: warm up jacket (provided first year your son/daughter joins the team), away meet dinners, end of season banquet, end of season gifts, away meet snacks/drinks, holiday party, team dinner, banner (seniors only), senior rec., awards/gifts, equipment and much more.

**The items listed above are subject to change pending financial ability, actual costs, or unanticipated expenses and fees.**

Booster fee does not cover: home meet meals, WPIAL suits, goggles, spiritwear, and any outside coaching (swimming or diving, including club).



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